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Girl’s school @heathercaps

Seth was much more older looking that other boys his age. He was taller, more muscular and already had some decent facial hair. He was a perfect target for the girls. They got him while Seth was alone. He looked at them, confused why are the girls gathering around him. Probably just to ask some stupid questions like “Are you really 16 years old?” or something else about his look. But the girls didn’t say anything. One of them just took out a weird glowing ball and hit him with it. Seth shook his head to put his mind together. Something fell on his face. Seth brushed it and noticed it was his long hair. The girls around him were giggling. Seth was wondering about the reason until he noticed he is wearing a cute dress with a flower pattern. That wasn’t the only surprise he got that day. His body was much smaller and delicate. It took a moment to notice other diffiernces. “I’m a girl!” He screamed. The girls were gazing at him, telling him compliments about how cute he looks. Seth suddenly blushed. He didn’t know why he felt like that. “You really think i look cute?” Seth asked shyly feeling his face burning. “Sure you are Sophie” One of the girls said. “Yeah! You’re like super cute. And your dress is so lovely” Another girl said. “Thanks girls” Sophie smiled. All of them soon left the place. One of the girls was making a sleepover tonight and Sophie was invited. She was so excited to spend the night with her new friends