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New Family

– What do you mean you don’t care?! I’m your daughter’s boyfriend! Your wife masturbated thinking about me and now I’m in her body! Don’t you care she’s upstairs doing all of those things you didn’t want me to do, to your daughter? In my body??
– Lena will take good care of Britney, much better than you did anyway. It’s not her fault your body is so horny, and clearly she still loves our daughter.
– You’re insane! And you want to fuck me?
– Well that’s the best part. After acting like such a big shot, I could hear you fucking Britney and all the demeaning things you made her do to you. Now you’ll do all of that to me, otherwise we’ll say you were the one masturbating to my wife and Britney will never talk to you or want to see you again. Is that what you want?
– I can’t believe this!
– Well you seemed to be already at home masturbating in Lena’s body…
– I’m not! I was just trying to reverse this!
– I’ll help you with that Billy. You loved pussy so much, you’re going to love it much more now that you have one. *Unzips*
– What are you doing? YOUR DICK IS HUGE!
– Oh yeah. And Lena’s body is used to deepthroating it, so get on your knees for me.
– I can’t beli-hmmmph! Hmmphm! Read more