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Changed for the better

Darren was not in a good place. His crush Emma had just accepted an invite to the movies with one of his mates. Staring at himself in the bathroom Darren whispered, I wish I could be close to Emma. He went to turn on the tap and noticed his hands shrinking and turning slightly tanned. Confused, Darren held them up to his face. Then, as he stared at them he saw his nails become shiny and perfectly filed. The grew longer stopping at a perfectly sized length for a girls. “Huh?” he said clearly perplexed. Then all of a sudden the changes started. His back arched in with a sharp crack. He could feel all fat draining away to be replace with strong hard back muscles. All his body hair fell to the floor as his shoulders cracked painfully inwards. Darren grunted in pain breathing heavily. He grabbed the sink as his arms began to lose all fat and muscle only to become lean and strong, his skin darkening ever so slightly. His feet grew smaller and his toenails became long and glossy. He shrunk a few inches as his groin ached. He went to grab his penis, only to find it getting smaller, slivering up until it inverted and became a tight, wet pussy. Darren moaned in pleasure as his manicured hands groped down below. But the changes were not finished. Next his stomach began to tighten into sexy, hardened abs. He/She felt an enormous pressure as her fat chest began to swell growing bigger and bigger, at the same time her ass grew into a love-heart shape. Her hips cracked inwards and her breasts stopped growing. She now had a set of DD’s that would make any man or girl envious.. Her short black her turned blonde and grew down her back, tickling her neck. Her eyebrows trimmed down becoming angled. His huge nose shrank down become more feminine and cute. Lastly her Adams apple disappeared and she moaned as her voice rose to a higher, cuter pitch. He teeth became straight and white as her cheek bones rose and her neck became strong and slender. Her clothes changed into a tight fitting tank top and tight shorts. Emma picked up her phone and began flirting with her latest boyfriend; Harry.