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Step into the chamber

All his life, Gavin had been uncomfortable and dissatisfied in his thin, weak, male body. Since he was young, he had dreamed of blossoming into a full-figured, big breasted woman. He knew that the surgical option was not for him, and so spent his life pushing the frontier of science and new technologies to make his dream a reality. This is the footage from the camera inside the nanite delivery chamber as his huge new breasts tore apart the rubber vest intended to maintain an optimal temperature for his change. Look at them bounce! See how happy he is with his sexy new body! You’re going to be that happy too… just sit down inside.

Disco inferno

Mark desperately wanted to impress at the 70s theme party his friends were throwing, and scoured vintage shops for the right clothes to fit his skinny white frame. The moment he fastened up the buttons on a particularly funky shirt, the spirit of its previous owner flowed into him and changed him. His closely cropped hair sprung out in a huge Afro, his body thickened and his skin darkened rapidly. Any discomfort as his penis receded into his body was overshadowed by the pleasure he felt as big, round, black titties pushed the shirt out and popped his buttons! Cynthia was going to have a great time at the party, shaking her junk and indulging in some of the sweet young white cock there.